Why Babies are so Darn Freaking Adorable

November 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’ve never been into Anne Geddes. Maybe even mentioning her name dates myself… but the point is the same. Yes, I think babies are cute but never would I hang a picture of one on my wall in some silly costume or contorted shape. Never.

Its been this past year however that I have become fascinated by babies. I volunteer once a week looking after babes and every week it amazes me at how different they are, how fast they learn and grow. It is, amazing & to be a little bit more sappy it just really grabs my heart when they ask for a kiss for their hurt pinky or hand or elbow. “You, want a kiss from me?!” I think to myself, “I can make it all better?!” and for a second I do!! It is amazing. … For a second. There is just something about babies that is so pure. Maybe its their helplessness. Their reliance. Their Innocence. Whatever it is its captivating.

A couple weeks ago I had the chance to look into the eyes of a baby whose circumstances were devastating. For one quick hour I got to hold him. To look at his little tiny face, hold his little tiny hand, change his little tiny diaper, and just pray that God would swoop him up and save him.

It gives me perspective. Yea, I was a baby once. From the pictures I was pretty cute too! But a baby or not I still need saving just as much as the little ones do. It just takes a lot more humility to ask for it.


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